Expert personal branding insights from Amanda Selleck

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 22/01/2019

Personal branding expert Amanda Selleck looks at how to develop your personal brand and the best social media platform to engage with when job searching.

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Engineer excited about the future

An engineering professional? How to write the perfect resume

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 07/12/2018

These tips will help you write an engineering resume so that it stands out from the pack.

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Proposal resumes v personal resumes

Why using your proposal resume for your job hunt is holding you back

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 03/12/2018

The differences between a personal resume and a proposal resume, and why using the wrong one could be costing you work.

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Business handshake

Top mistakes on executive resumes – and how to avoid them

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 13/11/2018

Here are the top mistakes that executives make in their resumes, and tips on how to avoid them.

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Social media phrases

Should I consider LinkedIn my new resume? The answer is...

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 02/10/2018

If you’re wondering whether your LinkedIn profile can replace your resume, the answer is probably not yet. Here’s why.

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Job searching on laptop

Applicant Tracking Systems: What job hunters need to know

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 17/09/2018

How to beat an applicant tracking system when applying for your next job.

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happy construction worker

Crafting the best resumes for construction jobs

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 05/07/2018

Top tips for writing a construction resume that responds to the changes in recruitment technology.

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Do I still need a cover letter in 2018?

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 27/06/2018

Do you still have to write a cover letter in 2018? The answer is usually yes, although there are some exceptions. Find out what they are here.

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woman organising resumes

7 top tips when applying for government jobs in Australia

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 15/06/2018

Have your eye on a government job? Check out our 7 tips for application success, from resume writing to answering targeted questions.

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graduate writing resume

Things to include in your first resume as a new graduate

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 04/06/2018

Writing your first resume means you have to make a lot out of little or nothing. Here’s how to write a first resume that will impress recruiters.

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