Cover letters

Do I still need a cover letter?

You’re across social media, you’re a great networker and you’re extremely well-connected professionally, so why would you still need a cover letter for your job applications?

Writing a comprehensive resume and cover letter tailored to the job at hand takes time and effort, which may lead you to question whether you have to go through the same process each time you apply.

Reality check. Yes, you most likely do. For most businesses, the cover letter is an integral part of the selection process: it is how they cull who they would like to interview for the position from the hundreds of candidates who may have applied.

In fact, you may have noticed that many job sites specifically mention that jobseekers will not even get a look-in if they don’t provide a cover letter with their application.

While a cover letter could be perceived as old-hat, you still need to present yourself in the best possible light – probably more than ever given competition for roles is fierce.

Indeed, a cover letter is far less of a stock-standard exercise these days and more a way to highlight individuality, resourcefulness and talent.

The best way to think of a cover letter is to imagine that it’s a written form of you introducing yourself, while outlining why you are the best candidate for the job.

Cream rises to the top. Increasing competition for jobs in engineering, property and construction demands a cover letter which stands out from the crowd.

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