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Australia’s booming construction industry

If you’re a construction or engineering professional and want to work in Australia, there’s never been a better time to make the move. 

There are more opportunities than ever before due to the Australian Government’s current focus on infrastructure. The Government recently committed more than $75 billion over the next 10 years to transport infrastructure across the country.

It’s an exciting time to be working in these industries in Australia, as you’re able to play a part in reshaping and improving the way our nation operates. This boom has increased the demand for skilled workers in these industries including engineers and construction professionals.

According to Seek.com.au, both engineering, and trades and services were among the fastest growing industries on Seek in 2017. Job ads rose over 26% for engineering with more than 12,000 new jobs, and over 23.3% for trades and services with almost 34,000 new roles.   

The abundance of long-term work in these sectors presents the perfect opportunity for international workers to get involved. If you’ve been thinking about migrating to Australia, but are unsure about what’s required or where to start with your resume, we can help. 

How can we help?

With our roots deeply entrenched in the construction, property and engineering industries, we genuinely understand what your potential employers are looking for. We know the specific requirements of these industries, the right language to use, and what you do and don’t need to include in your resume and cover letter.

It’s important you understand how to transfer your skills and experience to make them relevant to the Australian market. We can help you with this and present you in the best light for the job you want in Australia or to help you get sponsored.

If you’ve been contemplating making the move to Australia, don’t hesitate any longer. Let us help you become a part of this exciting chapter in Australia’s history.

Get in touch today, email direct on info@bluegumresumes.com or call us on +612 8018 8589.

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