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A professional resume is a career marketing document

We rely on our resume to be the golden ticket that gets us into the interview room. Once there, we tell ourselves we'll be able to dazzle the hiring manager with our stunning interview technique. But if you're not getting called for interviews, it's probably your resume or CV that is letting you down. 

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A professional resume is a summary of your career. It doesn’t have to include a lot of detail, but it needs to be focused. After all, it’s a career marketing document that should get through the shortlisting stages to that all-important interview.

Five reasons why you might need a resume writer

Making your resume stand out from the crowd is difficult - and if you’re not a resume writer by trade, the odds of your resume getting noticed are even more difficult.

If one of the following scenarios sounds familiar, it’s probably time you hired a professional resume writer.

  • You're not sure what to include
  • You're not good at selling yourself
  • You're not getting interviews on your own
  • You have a disconnected career path
  • You don't have time to write a resume.

Applicant Tracking Systems don't have to be your enemy

Professional resumes in many HR departments are fed into search engines which locate words connected to the experience, skills and qualifications required for a job. If your resume doesn’t have these keywords in the appropriate positions on the page, you may never get past this automated stage. Here’s where our professional CV editing can help.

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There are many good reasons why people have a seemingly disconnected career path. If you have had a number of jobs in a short period there could be a good reason for it – short contract work for example. If you’re returning to work after having children, nursing a relative or running a business, you might not know how to express that. In these situations, our professional resume writers know how to present your work history so you are presented in the best possible light.

Your resume is a representation of yourself: what you’ve achieved and the paths you’ve taken to get there. Taking time to get it right is a contribution to your future success.

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