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Resumes for bids, tenders and proposals

A multimillion-dollar contract will be awarded on an organisation’s solution, track record and commercial offer. But an organisation is only as good as the sum of its parts. The quality of the nominated personnel involved in a project can sway the decision.

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A proposal resume needs to meet the tender and project requirements: there’s a personal resume and then there’s the proposal resume. For example, if your company is bidding for a tunnelling contract, only the resume items that pertain to this type of work should be included. If the person in question worked in the residential building sector for ten years, that’s not really relevant. But if they have worked on previous tunnelling projects, that should be included, because it’s relevant to the contract.

Read the fine print on the tender

If the client has asked for a two-page proposal resume for each member of the team, make sure you do two pages for each resume. If you do less, it could seem as if you have a weakness in the team, even if that’s not true.

Use the same template for each person so that everyone is treated equally under headings: qualifications, skills, achievements and previous experience in similar projects. Standardising resumes will make it easier for reviewers to flick from one to the other, comparing skills and identifying qualifications.

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By the way, if you don’t have in-focus, colour, head-and-shoulders images of all your bid team, get them done. You should include an image of each member along with their resume. But keep in mind that a proposal resume is not the place for including someone’s hobbies, sporting prowess or their pets’ idiosyncrasies. The evaluators of a bid are busy people with a lot to read!

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