Selection criteria

Meeting key selection criteria for government jobs

Public sector jobs can be deeply rewarding. They offer meaningful roles, dedicated career paths and attractive benefits.

Government roles come, however, with unique challenges. Candidates must follow very specific application rules to ensure they meet the brief and win that precious interview.

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If you want to score a top public sector job, you’ll be expected to work your way through the following list. Lucky, then, that these are our specialties.

  • Selection criteria
  • Targeted questions
  • CAR statements
  • STAR statements

Many good candidates fall at various hurdles by failing to address key points or convey important information about themselves.

If you’re a strong candidate who’s prepared to dig deeper and meet these exacting requirements, you’re in a great position to see off your rivals.

With extensive experience in Australia’s public sector, we’ve helped many quality candidates find roles in government departments, agencies and local council offices.

Want to know more? Applying for a public sector job is definitely part of your career learning curve. We’d love to take the journey with you.

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