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Making your resume stand out in a sea of applications is difficult. If you’re not a resume writer by trade, the odds of your resume getting noticed are even more difficult. That’s because you need to be able to express who you are succinctly, and in a style that shows the recruiter or organisation you are in touch with professional resume writing standards.

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Lots of recruiters use LinkedIn as a way to quickly find potential candidates, but a ‘traditional’ PDF or Word document is likely still going to be how you apply for a job, whether you’re headhunted or responding to an advert. So while having a strong LinkedIn profile is important, it’s not quite time to throw out your resume just yet.

For now, it’s better to think of both your resume and LinkedIn profile as working harmoniously together. To impress, both need to be outstanding. Both need to complement each other. Both need to showcase you clearly and comprehensively. 

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Bluegum Resumes offers a resume writing service that specialises in helping professionals in the construction, property, engineering and government sectors of Australia. Our core resume writing services include:

  • Writing resumes - Australia wide
  • Creating LinkedIn profiles that recruiters love
  • Helping you meet key selection criteria for government jobs.

By optimising your skills, experience and value, our resume writing and career marketing services can push you right through to the shortlist.

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79% of hiring managers reject resumes with bad grammar
5-7 seconds - the average time recruiters spend looking at a resume
94% of recruiters use LinikedIn to find candidates
73% the number of applicants eliminated by applicant tracking systems