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Do you work in a corporate role business support team such as IT, HR or marketing in construction, property, engineering or government? We specialise in producing standout resumes for you.

Behind every great building or engineering feat lies an amazing team. At Bluegum, we value the importance of corporate functions and business support. We recognise that great success is due to all the different departments within a business working together.

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It’s a great time to be working in these industries in Australia. There’s an abundance of work due to the Government’s focus on infrastructure and that doesn’t just apply to technical jobs.

All these new projects need qualified marketing and sales teams to promote them, and efficient HR and administration teams to make everything run seamlessly. Not to mention finding new talent to make it all happen.

How we can help

It’s not just technical roles we focus on. We’ve written thousands of resumes and other career marketing documents to help position people in corporate roles in the construction, engineering and property industries.

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With a clear understanding and knowledge of these sectors, we’re across the latest job requirements and trends. If you have your eye on a specific project or field, we can help position you in the right way to get you the job you want.

As a corporate or back office support role, you’re so often doing all the leg work and looking after others. Now, let us look after you!

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