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If you’re searching for a role in local, state or federal government, you may need a fresh job-seeking approach. The public sector has its own hiring requirements. If your application and resume are off track, you could waste a valuable opportunity.

Federal government jobs exist in Canberra, as well as other major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Departments include finance, foreign affairs, health, agriculture, jobs, environment, energy and veterans’ affairs. Many related government agencies also offer rich job prospects.

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The recruitment process tends to be different in the public sector. Identification and selection of candidates is often done through panel assessment. In NSW, for instance, this could be via:

  • Government contingent workforce panel
  • Executive search panel
  • Public sector capability framework

The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework sets out the knowledge, skills and abilities public sector employees are expected to demonstrate. Candidates will be matched against these key criteria. 

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Other state governments have equivalent criteria. These form a standard foundation for creating roles, hiring new staff and managing their ongoing performance.

How we can help 

If you haven’t navigated the system before, it can be daunting. If this is your second or third time around, you probably realise the importance of a government resume which completely meets the brief in terms of language, tone, keywords and terminology.

At Bluegum, we understand the unique nature of government recruitment and the special qualities hirers seek when filling public sector roles.

We can help you navigate the public sector recruitment maze to win a rewarding role in Australian government – at local, state or federal level. We have extensive experience in resume writing for jobs in the government sector.

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